Bank of America’s Lou Paskalis discusses the importance of engaging in a dialog between vendors, agencies, clients and technologists.

Hear from leading brands, agencies and ad-tech companies on why GABBCON is a must attend event.

Deborah Wahl, transformative CMO and leader speaks with Havas Media, EVP Warren Zenna on the role of the modern CMO. They speak candidly about the transformative role of the CMO, the CMO’s tenure, finding and retaining diverse talent and targeting and reaching diverse audiences at GABBCON NY 2018.

GABBCON NY 2018: MadHive CEO, Adam Helfgott, Jonathan Steuer, Omnicom Media Group’s Cheif Research Officer, Natalie Monbiot, Publicis Media Head of Futures and GABBCON CEO Gabe Greenberg have a candid conversation about how blockchain will help or hurt marketers.

GABBCON NY 2018: Kristi VandenBosch, MXM Cheif Digital Officer approaches the topic of “The Media Plan is Dead” in which she discusses the power of content and the need for new thinking and change.

GABBCON NY 2018: Jessica Federer, Marketer and Advisor sits with Helen Lin, President of Digital Investment from Publicis Media and Sarah Stringer, Head of Innovation at Carat USA to talk about the role of responsible innovation; how and why brands and agencies cannot afford to chase the next shiny object, but must innovate to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

GABBCON NY 2018: Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO, Frank Friedman, Publicis Media President of Local Investment and Will Felcon Head of Product at Premion talk about the future of local television, the need for automation and cooperation to ensure the market continues to thrive and survive.

GABBCON NY 2018: Wendi Dunlap, SVP Digital Investment at Blue449, Jason Wertheimer, VP Media Technology at Horizon Media and Beth Mach, Cheif Digital Officer from Initiative talk about the significance of identity vs. identifiers as well as talk candidly about whether there is such a thing as a digital twin, digital shadow or as Beth Mach suggests a digital market or tattoo.

GABBCON NY 2018: Chris Pizzurro, Head of Sales and Marketing from Canoe Ventures, Jamie Power, COO of One2One Media, Lynwood Bibbens, CEO of ReachMeTV and Cheryl Ng, VP Programmatic at COX Comet talk about the rapid change happening in the TV market today and how to manage and take advantage of this change. Learn what these companies are doing to future proof their businesses and how this will benefit their brand and agency consumers.

GABBCON NY 2018: George Musi, SVP Analytics at Blue449, Keith Green, VP Marketing from Guinness World Records, Hannah Gryncwajg and Lars Feely, Head of eRetail at Reprise Media talk about the complex role of using complex data sets to target and reach diverse audiences.

Highlights from GABBCON Los Angeles 2017 and 2017 ABBI Awards

Gabe Greenberg sits fireside with Alex Lundry, Co Founder of Deep Root Analytics and Frank Friedman, President Local Investment from Publicis Media to discuss the power of local TV on reaching the fence sitter in Ohio. We also candidly discuss how station groups must evolve to meet the demands of audience based buying, especially in light of the power of local TV.

2017 NAB Show Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit

If you attended this year’s CES, you are aware that AI and Cognitive Learning is on the minds of most marketers. We would have not done justice to our delegates at the 2017 NAB Show if we did not ask the foremost leader on all things AI and cognitive to join us as our keynote speaker.

If you do not know who or what Watson, Echo, Alexa or Google Home are you should look these topics up, and/or watch this video.

IBM Global Chief Data Officer Inderpal Bhandari presents his keynote and answers the following 3 questions;

What does a Chief Data Officer do?

What is a cognitive system?

How can you make your enterprise cognitive?

Bank of America’s Lou Paskalis discusses the importance of engaging in a dialog between vendors, agencies, clients and technologists.

A Look At Audience Based Buying From The Front Lines – GABBCON Beverly Hills, 11/2/2017:

What do brands consider when bringing programmatic in-house and what are the realities they face in audience based buying. The real Charlie from the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Chappell, Head of Global Integrated Media from The Hershey Company talks with Gabe Greenberg.

A Measurement State of the Union: Where are we Now? Where is there Confusion? Who is Doing it Right?

GABBCON Beverly Hills, 11/2/2017:
The measurement landscape has undergone a lot of change in the past year – from NBC Universal and A&E ensuring that advertisers get the most out of their investment by committing to deliver specific audience segments to the continued evolution of cross-platform viewing habits to industry leaders banding together with Project Thor.

605’s Ben Tatta and Spectrum’s Rob Klippel will discuss the shifting measurement dialogue and what this means for the advertising and marketing industry today. They will break down the difference between addressable and optimized linear and will share their views on companies that are taking the best approach to address a rapidly changing television advertising marketplace. Ben and Rob will also introduce Spectrum’s new audience planning tool – called AudienceApp – which is the first byproduct of the Charter/605 partnership. They will demonstrate the power of AudienceApp to leverage data and making it actionable at a local sales level.

2017 ABBI Awards

Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO sits with Ford Motor Company Marketing Manager Jeff Reid to discuss their approach to audience based buying.

Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO sits with Carl Fremont at NAB Show to discuss the power of audio. Carl reminds us that audio lead to the evolution of TV as we know it and that we should not think of “radio” as audio.

Audio helps to tell a story and create an emotional connection between consumers and brands. Carl encourages brands and agencies to revisit the power of Audio to leverage audio in story telling due to the unique nature of the medium.

2017 NAB Show, Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit

Gabe Greenberg, CEO of GABBCON sits with Dave Levy, EVP from Fox Networks Group at the NAB Show to discuss the following topics:
1. Finding talent in a more automated world
2. The shift to targeted TV and targeted TV delivery
3. How Open AP will impact the TV marketplace

2017 NAB Show, Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit

Automotive and finance brands are not the only brands/categories that have found success with programatic and addressable TV. Gabe Greenberg, CEO of GABBCON sits with Zak Soreff, President of Sawyer Studios to discuss how studio’s like Focus Features are finding success in using advanced TV (Addressable TV and Programmatic TV) to successfully deliver stellar box office numbers.

2017 NAB Show, Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit

Gabe Greenberg speaks one on one with Fox’s Noah Levine about the promise of Open AP and how it will shape the future of TV and Video as we know it. In a candid interview, Noah and Gabe explore what other companies are interested in joining the coalition, how are agencies leaning in and what new data sets might the Open AP team add to the platform.

2017 NAB Show, Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit

Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO, sits with Dina Weisberger from Google at the 2017 NAB Show Ad Innovation Lab to explore how the the G in FANG will take a bite out of OTT and TV.

2017 NAB Show, Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit

The 2017 NAB Show hosted lots of great content and information, but the topic of media measurement and index buying, as well as addressable TV were on the minds of many, so the team from GABBCON, in partnership with TiVo hosted this panel with leaders from TiVo, Epsilon, One2One Media and Leap Media to dig into the realities.

2017 NAB Show, Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit

The topic of OTT (Over The Top) TV has gotten ample word count and coverage in the recent weeks leading up to NAB Show. From NFL rights to decrease in viewership, the impact of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google on TV is on the mind of TV executives, brand and agencies.

With this topic lingering, GABBCON brings you, live from the NAB Show 2017 Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit, a discussion with  Tremor Video, Tru-Optik, Google, OMD and IAB to address the impact of F.A.N.G (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) on OTT and TV viewing.

2017 NAB Show, Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit

The topic of audience based buying and the move from CPM to impression based selling was on the minds of most at this years NAB Show.

GABBCON has brought together leaders from the buy, sell and inventory sides to have a candid discussion about the future of local TV.

Ian Ferreira, EVP Programmatic from Wideorbit leads a conversation on the power of local video with Frank Friedman, President Local Investment from Publicis Media and Frank Comerford, Chief Revenue Officer and President NBCu Owned Stations at the NAB Show Ad Innovation Lab Powered by GABBCON.

2017 NAB Show Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit

In a world of convergence and new business complexity, brands and agencies are facing real challenges in finding and recruiting top talent.

Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO, sits with Dentsu Aegis Network, Amplifi USA Chief Digital Officer, Louisa Wong to discuss how she and her team are managing the pace of change while seeking out and securing unicorns needed to propel their business forward

David Cohen, MAGNA North America President presents the morning keynote at GABBCON NY and shares his thoughts on the agency of the future.

David Cohen speaks one on one with Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO after his keynote at GABBCON NY.

2017 CES had blockchain as a topic embedded throughout the show. Why, do you ask? Since its inception, the uses of blockchain technology, the infrastructure that powers Bitcoin, has exploded into industries such as finance and healthcare.
During this panel discussion, experts in programmatic media distribution, data exchange and blockchain sit down to discuss the problems facing both advertisers and publishers as programmatic continues to evolve.

Learn how the use of blockchain technology could drive innovation, trust and efficiency within the industry and ultimately more value for the end consumer.

Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO sits with Jim Wilson, President at Premion, A Tegna Company to discuss the power of blockchain in an OTT world.

Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO sits with Peter H. Guglielmino, CTO Global Media & Entertainment Industry at IBM to discuss the power of #Blockchain and how it will impact programmatic media.

Buyers versus sellers. The 2017 Upfront will soon be upon us. Hear from leaders from the buy and sell sides including NBCu, A&E, Hulu, MEC and IPG MediaBrands about what to expect in this years Upfront from an inventory, ad, and content positioning as well as data/programmatic approach.

Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO and Tore Tellefsen from DataXu introduce Natalie Hayes from Columbia Sportswear and Susan Noonan from BSSP at GABBCON NY 2017. Natalie and Susan share the second of two case studies on success in programatic and addressable TV from both spring and fall campaigns.

Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO sits with Natalie Hayes, Director of Media from Columbia Sportswear and Susan Noonan, Executive Director of Media from BSSP to discuss their new found success with programmatic and addressable TV using partners DataXu, WideOrbit and TubeMogul.

In the wake of P&G CBO Marc Pritchard’s comments about brand safety, transparency and  ad fraud, John Montgomery, GroupM Chairman and SVP Brand Safety sits with Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO to have a candid conversation about the brand safety issues plaguing the market and potential solutions or approaches that every agency or brand must consider.

John Montgomery, GroupM Chairman and SVP Brand Safety goes one-on-one with Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON Inc. CEO, about what brand safety issues are plaguing the market and where potential solutions can be found.

If you attended CES 2017, AR, bots and AI were everywhere. The topic of bots in advertising has historically had a negative connotation. However, bots and AI are now being used very successfully to improve the media and marketing landscape at large. Hear from experts  from IBM, Omnicom, Microsoft and NexRef Technologies about how bots, AI and AR could change the future of audience based buying and media.

Join executives from Cadent and Modi Media for a deep dive into how advertisers can go beyond age and gender to reach a brand’s strategic target using audience-indexing.

In the wake of people based marketing where attention and audience are critical to achieve effective addressability, marketers are facing a fundamental challenge when they attempt to reach people at scale. The challenge lies in the cookie. In an age where mobile devices and other connected devices lack a “cookie”, the cookie and its related targeting strengths fail. This panel of distinguished leaders in programmatic media, marketing, and advertising will explore alternatives for targeting users at scale without reliance on the cookie, inclusive of device ID and user level data at the person level.

GABBCON CEO Gabe Greenberg chats with Bank of America SVP Lou Paskalis about how they are combatting ad fraud, viewability and approaching people based marketing. More importantly we discuss the need for new currency, new measurement and new pricing in a rapidly changing media landscape.

If you work, buy or sell TV and digital marketing, you will not want to miss this candid presentation from Tom Goodwin, head of innovation at Zenith, who provided insights and controversy on “Why TV Is About To Change Forever.”

Leaders from TiVo, IPONWEB, Turner, Blue 449, TVisionInights and Omnicom talk about the changing face of measurement and research for TV and Video at GABBCON NY 2/22/17.

Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO sits one on one with Cambridge Analytica’s Matt Oczkowski to discuss the distorted view of data in the 2017 election and how they helped create a new view of data that clearly worked.

Eric Anderson of Gracenote/Nielsen discusses why he finds GABBCON valuable and why others should attend

NAB and GABBCON Announce Their New Partnership … Beginning in Las Vegas and continuing with other events throughout the year across the globe, GABBCON and NAB will lead the conversation, content, education and networking for the audio and video marketplace.

Gabe Greenberg sits with Su Kwon Kelsay from Warner Bros to discuss Time Warner’s success in using data from across the Time Warner portfolio to maximize ROI while saving on data and media investment.

Leaders from Columbia Sportswear and BSSP sit with GABBCON’s Gabe Greenberg and delegates at the 2016 Los Angeles Audience Based Buying Conference to reveal their new found success with programmatic and addressable TV and video.

Joel Murray and Sean Finnegan take the stage at GABBCON Los Angeles to talk about the path from acting on MadMen to doing great social influencer marketing.

Mark Krigsman from SQAD joins Natan Cohen from New York Life and Oleg Korenfeld from Starcom to discuss the process by which New York Life turned big data into smart and actionable data that can be leveraged more effectively for programatic and other advertising.

GABBCON CEO Gabe Greenberg sat with Dave Penski, Chief Investment Officer at Publicis Media during the 2016 Cannes Lions Festival to talk about the success of the PBU and why a centralized approach to audience buying is important. As Publicis embarks on programmatic TV (data informed television) Mr. Penski says that VOD offers significant power and advantage to reach consumers who are shifting their viewing habits.

GABBCON CEO Gabe Greenberg sat with Oleg Korenfeld, EVP Ad Tech & Platforms at MediaVest to talk about Oleg Korenfeld and MediaVest’s approach to audience strategy. MediaVest recently launched their own data optimization team to consult their clients to understand the opportunity that audience based buying represents. Audience is device agnostic, MediaVest has 10 clients that have completely bought into audience strategy.

Gerry D’Angelo Head of Media Europe at Mondelēz International sat with Gabe Greenberg, CEO GABBCON at Cannes Lions 2016 to talk candidly about why the ANA Report findings should not be a surprise to most brands. Although he is approaching a POV from a European standpoint, Gerry points out that advertising agents used to work for media vendors and therefore it should be no surprise that the inherit nature of the business has lead to transparency issues. However, today in a procurement lead business, transparency or the lack thereof will be under the microscope and brands and agencies together will need to create new business models to co-exist.

Ashish Chordia, CEO Alphonso TV joined GABBCON CEO Gabe Greenberg at Cannes Lions 2016 to talk ACR. What is ACR and how can brands and agencies best use it?

Following a panel on programmatic TV and video at Cannes Lions 2016, GABBCON CEO Gabe Greenberg sat with Mike Baker, CEO at DataXu to discuss his comments on the panel as well as how DataXu is approaching addressable and programmatic TV.




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